The Story of Us (LoganMeredith)

Sometimes getting everything you’re dreaming of means letting go of what you think you want.

There is nothing special about Kyle McMillan. The forty-year-old construction manager for a high-end home builder is pursuing a lifelong goal of obtaining a college degree when his average, uneventful life literally collides with Lucas Cass. When Lucas opens the door for a spontaneous sexual encounter, Kyle walks through it. Soon, the hottest, most instinctive thing Kyle has ever done turns upside-down. Lucas isn’t only out of Kyle’s league and seventeen years younger, but he’s also a gay porn star.

Lucas is so used to being reduced to a single body part that he’s not sure how to react to Kyle’s interest then rejection. He loves what he does and the company he works for, but Kyle is exactly what he’s always wanted. He’s not walking away without taking another shot.

After finding themselves in the same summer class, the two put off the discussion of Lucas’ porn career and agree to date casually. Lucas is determined to show Kyle how fun kinky sex is and how amazing they can be together.

When the road gets rocky, Kyle must finally deal with Lucas’ job and his own sexual hang-ups or risk hitting a dead end. But if they can negotiate a compromise, they might just end up someplace extraordinary.

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