The Sweetest Moment You Ever Wrote

That’s right! I want to know the sweetest moment you have written so far in your Tales story. What moment really pulls your heartstrings! And do you think readers will feel the same?

For me, It was the date Sasha and Layla can have. I don’t think it will make readers cry in the moment, but maybe on a reread!


CUUUUUTE. Okay this is a great thread.

I’m not sure about the sweetest exactly, but the most fun moment I wrote was a short story about a gay teenage boy calling up his best friend after having to move away from him so that his friend could come break him out from his bedroom and escape from a bad situation.

Best friend comes over in his mom’s mini-van to pick up MC and they go on a late night joyride, unable to figure out what else to do now that they’ve been unceremoniously reunited. It culminated in a heart-stopping moment where they pushed that mini-van to its max, racing down the country roads behind their town in the middle of the night only to narrowly escape colliding with a passing semi-truck.

MC is just filled - for the first time - with the exhilaration of being alive, and safe, and happy, with his best friend and hope seems suddenly possible for him when just a few hours ago he was feeling so trapped and cornered and it was just an incredible moment to write!!!


So where can we read this!? :heart_eyes: I love when a writer can combine action and heart-stopping emotional moments!

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I’ll post a link if you’re interested!! It’s funny too cos my MC is a Russian boy just like your Sasha, hahaha :smiley:

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Yes, please post!

Not me linking to my writing tumblr! :joy: I hope you enjoy :pleading_face: TW for brief depictions of homophobic language

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The AI my MC in Mysterious Signals created, composed a song for MC from the signals it collected from outer space :slight_smile:


OHHHH that’s so cute I could cry

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I had an android character who had befriended a human. Human had a cat. When some shit went down and the human was lost, my android adopted the cat temporarily, taking care of her while they searched for their human friend. My android character has a sort of helmet type head with a screen on the front that they use to project emojis and other things for communication.

Cut to android character laying on their back and calling up one of those cat interaction apps onto their helmet screen so the cat can sit on their chest and bat at the fishies on the screen :pleading_face: Adorable


Joining this ten months later, haha.

First of all, this is ADORABLE.

Second, I haven’t gotten too far into the latest story I’ve started on this app, but I think the sweetest moment so far is my MC Scout trying to tell her LI Captain Leonidas that she’s not from their world and that she’s somehow ended up in a bedtime story her father used to tell her. Leonidas is confused, but he makes an effort to understand what she’s going through.

(There will be an abundance of sweeter moments later, but I’m only five chapters in, four posted right now)

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