THE WALL (Ahmadsalameh)

“Our Story” talks about selfishness and features three main characters: Lake, Sal (the farm owner), a person from Lebanon, Lebanese 1 and Lebanese 2, and the villagers.
One Day a poor immigrant family came to the small village, the villagers are so generous with these families they give them a hustle and the villagers let them work on their farms, but the family said we needed to rent the farm;
the villagers said: we accept to give you the farm as rent and take one-third of the agricultural crop after collecting it. Is this acceptable to you?
Sal said: yes, I agree with you.
The villagers ask him: but because the farm is on the lakeside, and we are collecting water from the lake to our farms, so wave to keep a route and not affect our farms and yours.
Sal said: at the end, we have to cooperate to get the best for our farms.
Villager Said: Sal we are going to help each other and the lake will give us all water.
Sal Said: we are going to have fun and let our kids play around the lake.
they start working on the farms and they are so satisfied with their work. And they started to bring their relatives and friends from outside the country, and Sal’s farm getting small for them, till one day they started asking the villagers if anyone wanted to sale his farm, and they offered too much money to poor villagers, but the farmer at the beginning refuse to sale the farm but money talks and the villagers are poor people so when they saw the money Infront of their eyes they start talking to each other if we sale our half of our farm and we improve our living and send our children to the city for studying, and we are going to keep half of the farms for us to live from what we get. When Sal heard what the villagers wanted in terms of money, he offered many enticements to the villagers, telling them that he would build schools, pave roads, make them work for him and pay them high wages, all so that everyone would be comfortable.
The villagers were impressed by Sal’s words and the temptations were many.
Some villagers began to give up their land for the money.
There is one man from the village he is educated start telling the money will ends what you will do after?
Sal Said: I will pay more salary to people who will works with me.
Village’s man said: no one want to sale his farm because this our life, and we cannot live without our farm.
Sal starts confirming that I will let everybody behave and we have to expand the village to be more beautiful than now.
All villagers accept what Sal said. The man who was sure Sal is liar.
Sal Prompting the villagers to assault the man and claiming that he is not interested in the well-being of the villagers.
Sal plan to remove the man from his face and to be able to buy more lands from the villagers.
Sal began to implement his colonization plan and seize a lot of land by lending the villagers money.
Instead of building schools as he said he would, he started building entertainment centers for the villagers such as cinemas and discos, which led them to abandon their farms and spread corruption among them. Sal’s relative supports him.
One day Sal start asking the villagers who lend money from him I need my money back with interest.
Sal Said: I have many expenses and I need my money?
The Villagers Said: but we do not have money now,
Sal said: (his tone here change) this is not my problem I will not allowed any one to get the water from the lake. Then he left them.
Lebanese 1 asks him privately I will give you my farm but keep me working on my farm to feed my family.
Sal pretend as he is upset and told the Lebanese I will never tell anyone that I took your farm. Also, everybody will saw you working so I will pay salary for you.
Sal asked the Lebanese 1 to convince the others to sell him their land.
And you will take a commission for every land you bring me. And the first Lebanese started working for Sal without the villagers knowing it.
Lebanese 1 ask Lebanese 2 to work with him and Sal will give us more money, so both start work together to get more lands from other villages and they were buying it for themselvesك They transferred the ownership of the land they bought to Sal without the villagers’ knowledge and expanded their domain so much and lured neighboring villages with money that some sold their land.
Sal’s Family with his relative and friends more than one hundred person. So, after few years they became more than thousands and of course they need to to spread their culture and religion, they started building their own temples, hospitals, and schools using land they seized from the villagers. Because the population of Sal’s increase, he starts thinking the lake will not be shared by other villagers because he needs it for his people only without sharing others so he decides to build a wall to separate the village on his area. His second plan was to destroy the village. story one day will end but how no one knows. what I know the lands will return to the right people.

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- Chapter 1: Chapter 1 the wall