The Wedding Date (laurajspooner878)

All you needed was a fake date for your sister’s wedding - when your brother’s best friend shows up?! Over the course of the night you wind up VERY naked. Now you’ve got a date for the whole wedding season… with benefits.

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- Chapter 1: Accidental Encounter
- Chapter 2: A Provocative Proposition
- Chapter 3: Game, Set and Match

I don’t regularly read this kind of thing but I love you’re banter here.

I’m only a few chapters in, but this is super fun so far!

Their chemistry is so good!!

I love the way that you drew , me in an how the story kept me guessing.


woah :slight_smile:


I’m enjoying this story but it doesn’t seem like any of my choices make a difference. Will any choices affect the plot?

love it!

Enjoying this so much so far.

Woah this is good

this was nice i wish we had a few other choices. but it was good.


Such a great read