The Wedding (MatthewJMetzger)

His best friend is getting married—so why isn’t he?

Aled’s best friend is getting married.

He supposes it’s only natural for his thoughts to turn to his own wedding, and the space on his hand where his ring used to be. He tried and failed, so what’s the point in trying again?

Anyway, Gabriel isn’t interested. Between his old friend Kevin, his live-in dominant Aled and his new boyfriend Chris, Gabriel has plenty to keep him occupied without getting involved in any of this wedding nonsense. If he’s changing to appreciate love without sex as well as sex without love, that doesn’t mean he’s any more amenable to expensive parties and silly costumes.

But Aled can’t get the question out of his head, and Gabriel can’t shake the feeling that there’s something Aled’s trying to ask him.

Is this three-year affair about to become something a little more serious?

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