The Wolveshaven Trilogy: Book one, The Attack of The Evil Storm (danielsmith42)

In the frozen land of Siberia, a man named Martin worked for a monster hunter by the name of Maelstrom, all was fine until Maelstrom kidnapped a werewolf by the name of Izma, Martin feels conflicted and frees Izma, which brings upon his masters wrath, unveiling himself as Evil Storm, the eternal enemy of the werewolves, Martin and Izma send Evil Storm to the fourth dimension, a makeshift prison.
Izma guides Martin to the mystical land of the werewolves, Wolveshaven, there, Martin meets Esme Willow, an Asain tree spirit of the weeping willow, in Wolveshaven, Martin must be able to survive the hardships that happen, such as the attacks of Evil Storm’s followers.
But, there is a prophecy, a Golden Wolf, destined to destroy Wolveshaven before all reality…
So, Martin must find himself able to not just defend his friends, but the world itself.
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