The worst wizard in the World (Crypt)

This is the story of a wizard with multiple talents. Among these, noteworthy are:
getting into trouble in the most absurd ways possible;
making the wrong decision at the wrong time;
always and inevitably being in the worst place at the worst possible moment;
being incapable of correctly remembering a spell that could save the situation at the right moment.

In addition to these qualities, he has countless flaws that you will come to know and… know, as you will discover over time why, despite being only 32 years old, he has the appearance of a wrinkled eighty-year-old full of bitterness.
He will be joined by dwarves, fish-men, elves, and a group of adventurers with many screws loose and an incredible desire to make money.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of Marcus Smirnoff, a failed wizard and owner of a shop of enchanted items in the city of Cazlurgh, kingdom of Scuris, and an irrepressible band of heroes eager to make money and explore the world.

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- Chapter 1: Prologue
- Chapter 2: The City Without Prejudice