There's something new on the TC!


At the moment, we’ve no actual public reports on what is added to the TC or has been changed on it!

So how about, whenever we find something new on the TC or discover changes, we inform each other about this here?

Like new buttons, new functions, and especially! NEW clothes, facial features, hairstyles, and whatnot! Cause not everyone looks into it every day but might be waiting for a new feature!

Please feel free to share with us :slight_smile: A screenshot would be great. A description of where and what you found is also most welcome!

Thank you!


Okay so what @ekpeters and I found yesterday for example:

tapping on the question mark you can find a tutorial, which has a great list of things you might want to look up!

Also! We can share our stories again with each other writer on Tales!
For that, you have to tap onto your story’s chapters and you see an Access button there! Click on it, and type in the author’s name to add them to the list, so they can find them…
when you tap on the Example button right top side under privately shared :smiley:

Oh and also thanks to Shawn, we have now the line numbers on by default :partying_face:


Another thing that was recently added:

We can set pricing for our chapters → there are different options :slight_smile: it’s set by default to the first chapter being free ← so careful and check those options before publishing :slight_smile:

You can find this in the story details below tags :slight_smile:

More info: The chapter prizing is meant for which chapters the reader will have to use keys on.

For example:
If you set it to “first three chapters free” then the reader won’t have to use a key for the first three chapters :slight_smile:

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Same! Better than guessing and going in blind!

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We can now read contest entries through our TC!

Check out the community tab (upper right side), and there is the field for contest entries.
Tap on view to load them in the TC :partying_face:

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Uff… haven’t updated this in a while :slight_smile:

Here some new stuff that’s been added.

  1. We have new reading experiences for prose and now also for dialog style! Check it out yourself!
  • what I have to get used to the most: That the MC is now on the left side :smiley:
  1. You can now unpublish the last published chapter.
    When you tap on the three dots beside the chapter you can hit unpublish!

  2. And under the three dots you also now find the “Share Privately” with other authors!

  3. I think it wasn’t mentioned yet, but Tales changed the key recovery. It’s now 1 key every 24h and they’ll accumulate indefinitely. So if you don’t have time to read that day, still log in daily to receive the key! :smiley:

  4. Known bugs at the moment: Some transition errors when wiping, wipe generally doesn’t work the way it used to, also queue seems to have lost its function :thinking: aaaaaaand the think bubbles are currently not working ← however, the devs work on it and it should be fixed soon (at least with the bubbles - they get an overhaul too)

If someone has discovered other new stuff :smiley: feel free to add! :smiley:

Is there an option to upload your own backgrounds? I was looking for the recommended dimensions, but that option doesn’t seem available (just the in-house backgrounds).

Not yet, but the team is currently working on that :partying_face:
(Still will take a lot of time till it’s available to us)