Theron's Return (CarolLynne)

When a near tragedy calls thirty-seven year old Theron Demakis back to BK House, he is once again reunited with Michael Storm. For weeks, Theron has done his best to bed every woman he knows in an attempt to forget his errant feelings for the young college student. But it didn’t work. Faced with caring for Michael, Theron wonders if he’ll be able to put his feelings aside in the name of the Demakis family. Being the only bi-sexual son, it’s up to him to continue the family name.

Twenty-three year old, Michael had given up on life. The one thing he wanted to live for was Theron. When Theron abandoned him to flee back to his safe heterosexual life in New York, Michael shut down completely.

Now Theron is back, and Michael is once again faced with something he can never have. Maybe settling for a short-term affair is better than never having Theron’s arms around him again.

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