TNG Trek: Orion Raiders (chrislarge)

Join Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise on a covert mission to penetrate the heart of the Orion Syndicate and disrupt the greatest slave heist in the quadrant.

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More chapters please!

I hope you’ll write more, this is great so far!

New chapter out!

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New Orion Raiders chapter out!

Great story!

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Thanks. This fanfic is a new story for me. Pls let me know if you find any glitches.

what about the “saving the sister” part?

Will there be a sequel about helping her sister?

It’s on my list. I had fun writing Orion Raiders.

Reading this one after Cat’s Claw and I think this one is equally as good. Sad that its not longer but love that its free!

That might be another story :wink: