TROY (eliyang)

When her parents arranged her mating to a buffoon for money, Eleonora did what any sane person would, get the hell out. After driving for days without a destination her jeep gets stuck in a blizzard, with no water, no food, and nothing but snow for as far as she could see. Right when she was thinking it would be the end, a huge snout cleared her window and the single gray eye of a reddish wolf stared into her soul.

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Hi! Hope you guys like it!

Can not wait to read more!

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Very good, just wish it was longer

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this got me goodddddd if u make more of these, my god id read them all, my friends will read them all, hell my gay co worker ben will read them. he loves this one he said tops number one novelty

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There is more… :sweat_smile:

I remember I replied but the message didn’t show.

I have more, but not here, tho. The rest of this short story (6 parts) is at my subscriptions. This is actually a side character from my book series. I wanted to give them him a spot light. :sweat_smile: If you want more info you can find me in IG, or any other social. I might hace accounts everywhere. XD

There is more but not here. Thanks for reading my work, and please say my thanks Ben, ٩(*❛⊰❛)~❤

There are 5 more chapters. :slight_smile:

Wow, this story is great!