TruChange (Tales)

Who’s making the decisions around here… you or this new app? Help Zoey decide when it’s truly time to CHANGE!

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This story is the perfect college thriller. And honestly? It’s hilarious tbh. Not what I expected, but Zoey is truly relatable. No spoilers but I loved getting the big reveal too :eyes:


i really liked it but it glitched me out at the end

Definitely one of the best books on the app. I loved it.

Oooooh this story seems like it’s gonna be thrilling. Can’t wait!

the story is good so far

Good book so far and fun to read

i’m hooked!

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Loves this story! So many twists and turns! Well done! Also great topic, very unique!

They used my key and are making me replay chapter 4. please help!

Wonderful read

good book

great story

loved it

great book