Unbreak my Heart (JPBowie)

How do you mend a broken heart? Hint—not by looking for love in all the wrong places.

Jason Harrison is in recovery mode after being massively dumped by the man he considered the love of his life. An empty apartment, no note, no messages and no calls leave him adrift, desolate and desperate for a shoulder to cry on. There are plenty of those around, but where’s the man who can heal his broken heart?

There’s Matt, a bartender, an eager lover with a giant libido, and Joey, a cute and understanding cab driver. Plus, there are sundry elegant businessmen, all of them ready to show Jason a good time. But good-time Charlies are not what Jason craves.

When he meets Noah, an old school friend, he appears to be a likely contender. He’s hot and sweet—and just happens to be a male escort. Through him, Jason is drawn into that line of business and finds solace for a time in helping others get over their sexual insecurities.

But is this what the future holds for Jason, or is it in the smile and the arms of ruggedly handsome David Farmer, a man who offers Jason love and stability?

Jason is ready to accept David’s offer, but a threat to disclose Jason’s recent past might be the catalyst that destroys their happiness.

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