Undercover Luck (tezigul)

Panel 1: The protagonist picks up a lost umbrella with a tag that says, “Return to the owner for good luck.”

Panel 2: The protagonist, feeling kind-hearted, decides to find the umbrella’s owner.

Panel 3: The protagonist returns the umbrella to an address, discovering a quaint little house.

Panel 4: The door opens, revealing an umbrella with a bow (the “umbrella wife”) and a couple of smaller umbrellas (the “umbrella children”) happily reunited with their lost family member.

Panel 5: The protagonist walks away, feeling a strange sense of satisfaction despite the odd encounter.

Panel 6: Later that night, the protagonist, feeling stressed, heads to the corner store to buy cigarettes.

Panel 7: While at the store, they impulsively buy a lottery ticket.

Panel 8: The next morning, the protagonist checks the lottery ticket and realizes they’ve won the jackpot.

Panel 9: The final panel shows the protagonist in disbelief, holding the winning ticket, with the caption: "Sometimes, good luck finds you in the most unexpected ways."

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