Unforgettable (JPBowie)

Reunited twenty years after their teenage split, Blake and Alex are determined that this second chance will have a happy ending…

When Blake Carson enters a photographic exhibition in Los Angeles, he’s astounded that the gifted photographer is Alexander Martin, with whom he’d been in love when they were both teenagers. Alex disappeared from Blake’s life without explanation, and his ultra-religious parents ran Blake off.

Reunited, the two men realize that the feelings they’d had for each other twenty years ago are still there, and the pair is determined to make up for the years stolen from them. They plan a future together, and even talk of adopting an abused child Blake had represented in court.

But the darkness of Alex’s past isn’t so easily shaken off. A phone call from his homophobic father brings back bitter memories of his parents’ cold-hearted abandonment of him to a conversion therapy center and threatens to revive the resultant PTSD he’s fought so long to overcome.

Can the love he and Blake share free Alex from the shadow of the trauma inflicted on him all those years ago?

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