How do you unpublish your work? and delete it?

You would have to email writers@talescreator.com and ask them to remove your story. That’s the only way you can delete it on the app.

Newbie here, I also same sentiments since I am using their website? version rather than the app itself. I was not able to delete/edit/re-arrange each chapter in my account so I had to sent them an email to delete the entire story ASAP. Is there a manual/easier guide on how to use this app? Their discord app does not accepts any new invites too.

Unfortunately, once you start a story, you can’t delete it unless you do email the staff directly at support@talescreator.com. A way to re-arrange your chapters instead of deleting the entire thing is to just copy the entire script you want to move onto a document like Word, save it in your computer, find the chapter that should be there, copy that, then paste it into the chapter you want it to be in.

example: You want to switch the order of chapter 2 to chapter 3

  • copy all of chapter 2 onto a word document, save just in case
  • go to chapter 3, select the entire script then copy it into chapter 2
  • go to your word doc, copy that entire script into chapter 3

For using the system, it’s actually not an app, but if you want to know how the creator works, in your creator, you will see a question mark top right. Click that and then select tutorials to see the guides.

As for not being able to join discord, try this link and see if you can join (Tales)