Vampire Teacher (Sakura)

Samantha Gilbert is a high school teacher who loves her job and her students, and they seem to love her as well. She’s kind, caring and gorgeous, but she has a well-kept secret.

She’s a vampire and hiding from her clan.

Jason is one of her favourite students, who she often treats to her own lunch just outside of their school. What she doesn’t know, is that he’s completely enamoured with her. He enjoys their short moments together but doesn’t know how to get any closer to her.

One day, his sister is attacked by a vampire right outside their school. Not willing to let a student die, Samantha gets rid of the vampire herself, and Jason learns the truth about her.

Instead of wanting to run away screaming, he wants to help her in any way he can, even if it means becoming her personal blood bag.

Why is the clan after her? How far is Jason willing to go to help her? Will Samantha want to chance getting too close to a student? Will Jason be able to win her heart?

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It’s good.

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amazing story

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