Vava inova

fa60e1ba69cfccd34e26b3ca33ee87d8|333x500 Once upon a time, an Amazigh legend tells of an elderly old man who lives in a wooden house in the middle of the forest, far from anyone. Only his son’s daughter can reach him. The girl who was called ghriva used to take food to his grandfather every morning, and when she reached him, the tones of overflowing echoed, which he used to hear from her, saying, “Please open upthe door, vava inova” , then he replies to her, saying, “Shake your bracelet for me, my daughter.” When he hears the sound of the bracelet, he opens the door for her.

  On day, as usual, the girl sad good-bye to her mother, going with a piece of food for her grandfather, on her way to the forest, which no one knows what she hides, The forest beast saw her and wanted to devour her, fortunately he  reached her grandfather. But the beast heard the verses that she composed for her grandfather.
 Tomorrow morning, the monster preceded the girl to the grandfather's house and began to pronounce the words that the girl used to sing to his grandfather ,but the old man was certain from the sound that it was the voice of the beast so he didn't open the door .

When the girl arrived the monster was thinking of some way to make his voice exactly like that girl’s .
And then he decided to go to the witch of the forest and she made his voice just like “ghriva”.

  The next day was not like the rest of the morning days,the monster preceded the girl to the house of the poor old man. He managed to play the role of the girl with that voice and made the old man  open the door for him then he attacked and killed the grandfather after that he took his place to wait for the girl. when the girl arrived, she was horrified by all that blood around the door of her grandfather's house, and she was sure that it was the monster who devoured her grandfather.

Finally After that, she wisely closed the door from the outside and quickly left the place in fear

and told her father everything she saw.And he persuaded all the men of the town to go and eliminate the monster, so the brave girl guided them, and they finally really eliminated the monster.

“Thagara.” the end .