Vision of Love (XssaAnnella)

Their love is more than she’d imagined, a way to talk to the gods, but will the price be too high?

Sacrificing her shyness and worn dress may be a way to talk to the gods, but it also opens up the way to young Redbush’s loincloth. In his warrior arms she feels safe, loved, wild. Freeing her own shaman power to talk to the Allfather, she will come to understand a terror that might be and the high price of loving someone.

Though he creates heady sensations she has never known before, she will learn that everything has a price. Love opens many channels and closes many doors.

Though his touch can make her see heaven, she will learn that you can’t create without sacrifice. In the wilderness there are many dangers, the least of which might be losing her heart to her handsome young buck.

Full of bravery, passion, and fear, she will aid her people—or destroy them. In the untamed wilds before America as we know it, history isn’t just written, it is lived through blood and tears and love.

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