Vortex Sanctuary (RoyalLatte)

When Sophie’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she finds a daunting hotel named Vortex, and checks in for the night. Little does she know that her decision opened up a new world, with creatures from myths and fairy tales walking right before her eyes.
Scared, Sophie tries to get out but stumbles upon a sacrificial ritual, her interruption leads to the breaking of the bond which connects our world and the old world, inviting an evil entity to latch onto her.

Edgar Grimm is the world’s most sought after bounty hunter. When the owner of Vortex invites him to investigate the murder of his niece, Edgar meets Sophie, and because of the generational curse, can see the entity which has latched onto her. Edgar has to solve the mystery of the entity’s identity before it uses Sophie and brings chaos into their world.

Fates intertwine, and theirs is a bond sculpted from hell fire.

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Play on Desktop
- Chapter 1: Welcome to Hotel Vortex
- Chapter 2: The Stranger
- Chapter 3: Devil’s Mistress