War for the Crown (nbarkdull)

In a nation riven by a civil war between the crown and a noble family looking to steal it, you are the last child of the claimant to the throne. You’re ill-considered, mistreated, and your family are terrible people. But you have options because you’re still a noble daughter and a general on the field of battle. Do you undercut your siblings and rise to power through ruthlessness? Do you remain true to your honor and become a hero? Can you unite your family into something more than squabbling aristocrats? Or do you sign on as a double-agent and work for the other side to bring your family down?

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/qtszeas85ob

great opening chapter! love the presentation and audio/visual treatment.

Its realy awsome the whole book is



I really love this story. I can tell it has actual freedom in the branching that lets your character go down different paths. I have to know though, how manh possible endings are there??

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cool story





love the story


Loving thw story so far.

Loving this! So many opportunities for power grabs and betrayal…


good ending