What are you reading?

We’re supposed to be reading things too right :eyes: Okay I know some of you are ravenous readers.

Tell us what you’re reading and how you’re liking it!


ME FIRST :smirk:

I’m reading Lirael by Garth Nix! The second book in his fantasy series. I’m really into it right now. Lirael is such a good character, and I LOOOOOOVE the way the magic works in this seires. I don’t actually read a lot of fantasy usually, but I picked out Sabriel from the school library literally over a decade ago simply because I thought the woman on the cover was pretty :joy: I have NO regrets.

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I too have purchased many things because the woman on the cover was hot…

I put this book down because I had to take a break, it was too real. Picked it back up and if you like feeling things it’s a perfect blend of poetry, art, and prose. Split Tooth by Tanya Tagaq Split Tooth - Wikipedia

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After marathoning the Lord of the Rings movies back in January in one day (the extended editions), I started really wanting to give the books another shot. My mother read the first two to me when I was nine, but I didn’t much care for them so we switched to something else after the second. So I’ve never read them all.

I’ve finished the Hobbit and am now two thirds of the way through Fellowship of the Rings and I’m obsessed. I finally get why so many people love these books.

You got past Tom Bombadil?? :joy:

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Not only got passed but enjoyed Tom Bombadil! :joy: It’s probably the part of the book that most feels like reading The Hobbit. But I can see why it was left out of the movie ;-).

I do really like how the book actually has you hear more of the logic of why each plan is taken. They explain why they go in certain directions, and go through all the options for the ring before deciding on destroying it.

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