What are you watching?

The age old question:

What are you watching right now? ...and is it any good?

'cause we could always use something new to watch rite

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Anyone else watching Euphoira :eyes: IDK why it’s so good but it just is. Part of it is Zendaya tbh bc she is such a phenomenal actress for Rue.

Am also watching Archive 81 on Netflix, this psychothriller / horror thing? It’s p good, but I feel like I can kind of tell that it was based on a podcast based on the way they are using the found footage as an exposition tool like it would probably feel spookier if I was listening to it and having to piece together who was speaking and when versus just watching it.

The Gilded Age on HBO is pretty great as historical fiction, especially in an era of the United States that we don’t get to see a lot in fiction? It’s super interesting to see the way Americans have had their own version of monarchy/aristocratic legacies even though we want to act like we aren’t/have never been anything like England :joy: @JessicaSwift You might like!! Are you watching?

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I really want to watch Euphoria. Someone described it as ‘for those who grew up watching Skins but are older now.’

What am I watching? Lol… Finished The Expanse (on Amazon), fucking phenomenal sci-fi, it’s so well done. I’ve been watching The Ghost Bride on netflix and it’s fun! It’s a Mandarin language show set in 1890’s Malaysia.

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OH that’s a good way to understand Euphoria. I think the storytelling devices it utilizes and like quality of storytelling overall is very cinematic and really well done.

The Ghost Bride sounds good!!! I am interested in taking in more historical fiction that isn’t so Westernized.

We just finished the newest season of Disenchanted on Netflix and I’m so EXCITED for the next one (but also mad for reasons that have to do with the last scene of the last episode so I’ll keep my lips zipped :zipper_mouth_face: )

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I love Asian Dramas, and I have watched a fair amount. Funny thing is that although I find Korean Dramas way more approachable I have finished way less of them. They do this thing, near all of them (except the ones produced by Netflix), and I think it’s because of the network and when they air. But halfway through anywhere around 4-8 episodes is just filler… totally boring filler. I have only managed to complete a number of Korean Dramas despite them usually being shorter than Chinese dramas!

A great Chinese Drama that is just so beautiful is The Princess Weiyoung, and it’s over 60 episodes long and yes each episode is an hour :joy: I watched it all and it’s very ‘historical.’ (it takes place in early Chinese history so it’s a bit… all over.)

Back to Korean dramas that break that ‘excessive boring middle’ mold is one I never thought I would like because I hate zombies and horror but Kingdom on Netflix. OMG so good. And it’s based on a WEBCOMIC. Mindblowing. It’s the classic palace drama shows I love mixed with zombies.

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I haven’t been in the mood for watching anything lately but I’m following a couple of series I started months or years ago. Like Snowpiercer or New Amsterdam (I used to be a sucker for medical drama; not so much lately because of, well, real life medical drama).


I’ve been watching Vigil this week. It’s a British mini-series murder mystery set on a nuclear submarine. I love murder mysteries set in a restricted space.


I just started The Dropout on Hulu and have been really into it. I happened to watch an HBO documentary about Elizabeth Holmes just a few months ago so I was well prepared. Honestly, I’m sooooo fascinated by her story! The culture of start-ups and how it intersects with pharmaceuticals and elements of gender roles in the Western business world is so interesting to me :nerd_face:

Also Amanda Seyfried is pretty much awesome in every role she does, amirite? Mean Girls treated her well LOL

My husband and I have started watching Castle, and he’s hooked! I watched it years ago when it first came out with my mom, so during episodes where I actually remember what happens, I just watch my husband’s reactions. It’s hilarious.

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I’m rewatching Charmed (the original) for like the billionth time

Bridgerton Season 2 :raised_hands:

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Sadly I finished it the day after it came out…now I want season two already!

The actress who played Kate was amazing.

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Old Enough is incredibly cute and addictive??

Makes me wish I could trust the people around me to send my kids on errands :joy:

Trying to catch up “the magicians” but in always forgetting where i left off and keep rewatching the same episodes

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Castle was one of the series that boosted my love for detective stories/procedural shows. It must be cool to watch it for the first time!

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I’ve been watching Hotel Del Luna on Netflix…it’s a Korean show and to be totally honest I don’t typically like having to do subtitles but this show is so unique and different that I don’t care.

Nothing’s on this second, but earlier I watched Reservation Dogs on Hulu. I also watch an old TV show called Dark Shadows pretty regularly. I rotate episodes of Bones, CSI, Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and I am watching Shades of Blue for the third time.

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Have you watched Below? Great murder mystery movie and also set on a sub.