When Are You? (JaymieSuh)

Celine is an assistant to the genius but coldhearted scientist Dr. Drake Cole. He’s a scientist who happened to specialize in quantum physics and time travel. He invented the time travel gadgets that will allow people to travel back and forth through time.

Little did she know that Drake is keeping a secret that is related to her future. That’s why he’s very cold towards her but still brings her to the past. But Celine has one thing on her mind, to change the fate of her late fiance. While they end up being stuck in the past, they will end up falling for each other.

However, both of them need to face the consequences of staying for too long on a different timeline. Every move they make from the past affects the future. Before they know it, one of them will end up disappearing. Only one of them can go back to the present time.

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