When Magic Truly Happens (MenelaosGkikas)

When Magic Truly Happens - A short story that is self-published as a pocket book in the global internet - A fairytale fantasy!

Little Jennifer meets Jack, the elf, who plays the flute and, through the looking glass, they’re magically shifted to a fantasy realm known as Flux, a world created by music. Together with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Jennifer makes new friends, while she discovers the magical mirror plays an important role in her life.

For all ages above 9 years old.

I truly wish there was an app for this age group! There are too many R-rated and inappropriate stories for kids on Tales to hand my device to my daughter to read. Love the holiday theme!

It’s for adults as well Kristaink. For all ages, like the fairytales of Narnia. May be targetted to young ages, that’s the advantage of a fairytale but can be read and be valuable for grown-ups as well…