Witch Way Wins (MelindaCraigBooks)

Cheating boyfriends, terrible bosses, and…a talking kitten? Hazel isn’t your ideal witch. In fact, she didn’t even know she was one. Her life has been one ordinary day after another until it wasn’t. Now she’s riding brooms (not very well), visiting enchanted book buses (with a cafe), and trying to figure this whole magic thing out. Unfortunately for Hazel, someone has murder on their mind, and they’re looking her way.

I was really liking the story and then got locked out…
You’d think other authors would get a few free keys but I guess the rest of the story will have to wait until I buy keys- could be awhile since this aspect annoys me.
BUT, love the story so far!

The system skipped chapter 5 and sent me on to chapter six! Now I’m lost in the story…this app is getting more annoying each day.

I cannot finish a story with an entire chapter missing - sorry. This could be why authors are not making any money.

Apparently the author imported chapter 4 twice which is preventing readers from being able to fully appreciate the story. I will not finish reading until its fixed, if ever.