Your Treat or Mine (TuesdayMorrigan)

When security guards Riley and Vittorio find Amelia slinking across the cemetery searching for the Wolf’s Cock and the Tiger’s Phallus, the two weres decide to give the voluptuous beauty just what she’s asking for.

Amelia Brockman is determined to climb JAK, Inc.'s ladder, and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. But JAK is not like any other corporation. It is owned and managed by paranormals. Being fully human, Amelia has one strike against her, so when she finds out about a secret society of executives that determines who moves forward and who doesn’t, she wants in. Even if it means getting hazed on Halloween.

Riley Christiansen, a werewolf, is a descendent of the Vikings and future heir to one of JAK’s vice-president jobs. But at the moment he’s earning his way, going to grad school during the day, and working the graveyard shift at the company’s burial ground.

Vittorio Bonacelli, a were-tiger, is a descendent of one JAK’s founding fathers and like Riley, he is determined to work his way up the ranks to take his rightful place as one JAK’s leaders.

When the two guards stumble across Amelia slinking around the burial, looking for something called the wolf’s cock and the tiger’s phallus, they decide to make sure the sultry beauty isn’t carrying anything.

Nothing will ever be the same for the three once the strip search begins…

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