Zwingli: From Mercenary Catholic Priest to Faithful Christian Battle Pastor (SamuelSaidNathanSaid)

Born a Swiss Catholic on January 1, 1484, Ulrich Zwingli was a man of great destiny. How did this diligent scholar end up on the battlefield as a Swiss Mercenary Chaplain for the Pope? Why did he voluntarily give up his military Veteran’s pension from the Pope, and an easy retirement? How did he come to reject that false Roman cultish religious system and become a true Christian? Why did the Pope send an army to kill Zwingli, and destroy his city? Let’s find out! All glory to the King, Lord Jesus!

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- Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Young Zwingli
- Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Zwingli at the Altar
- Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Chaplain at War
- Chapter 4: Chapter 4: From Glarus to Einsiedeln
- Chapter 5: Chapter 5:From Einsiedeln to Zurich
- Chapter 6: Chapter 6 1519: Plague in Zurich!
- Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Twilight, and All Good Things…
- Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Final Thoughts and Parting Wishes