Cat's Claw (chrislarge)

You’re right. For some reason the first few lines of episode 2 aren’t being parsed, or loaded. Salty Dog has a Loadout variable of 30 so there’s still an issue with that.

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This is a very good sorry! Love the Cats claw hero

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Yay. Thank you Jade. I’m glad you like it.

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Enjoying the book so far, but chapter 10 has glitched on me and now i cant progress. Help?

Hi there,

Glad you’re enjoying the story! I re-published the episode so it might work now, but if it’s a problem with the app it might be best to report it under the app-bugs channel as there nothing I can really do about it.


Good Story.

Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it.



This was an interesting concept! The time limit brings a nice sense of urgency to the story. Looking forward to reading more.

It’s good.

There was a lot of dialogue with Gemma that repeated in chapters 3 and 4 in the choice path I took.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I know the dialogue you mean. Must be an issue with a variable name or something like that.

I’ll look into it.


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wish i could restart the series since i don’t have enough points to do anything

Hi. I think you can restart by going back to chapter one and replaying it.


i dont like blake


Amazing book

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