Eclipsis (victoriamasina)

Okay, the narration in ep 1 should now be visible again, I deleted like a hundred lines or more of white font color. Now I gotta check the other eps :persevere:

Oh, I’m glad you figured it out! :blush: Is the character direction something that you figured out as well? If not, I can still join the Discord if you need me to.

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They changed that, too! :sweat_smile: It’s the new app layout. Before, the character you play would show on the right. I just updated all five available chapters. phew… it’ll take a few minutes before the updates gonna show up on the app. you’ll have to swipe out and restart it in maybe ten minutes. :slight_smile: Thank you again for notifying me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Chapter 6 is out now!!! :slight_smile:

i’m so happy to read the next chapter! but when the Caatelan and Erasmus come in to scene, ther’s a bug. i can’t see thezr icons. it’s just white. Hoffe das ist einfach zu beheben :wink:

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oh that’s so weird! i’m sorry! the characters take a while to render when they’re newly made, but for me they showed already. you should have seen them :worried: @Manto any ideas why it shows on my TC and on my app but not for my readers? :pleading_face:

sorry. false alarm. seems like i just needet to update the app…

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:sweat_smile: It definitely triggered the new characters to load hehe… But they should’ve shown anyway.

How was the maze for you, btw? :speak_no_evil:

well… took 12 tries :sweat_smile:

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Believe it or not, but that’s actually really good! :relieved:

Chapter 7 out now!!!