Eclipsis (victoriamasina)

Okay, the narration in ep 1 should now be visible again, I deleted like a hundred lines or more of white font color. Now I gotta check the other eps :persevere:

Oh, I’m glad you figured it out! :blush: Is the character direction something that you figured out as well? If not, I can still join the Discord if you need me to.

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They changed that, too! :sweat_smile: It’s the new app layout. Before, the character you play would show on the right. I just updated all five available chapters. phew… it’ll take a few minutes before the updates gonna show up on the app. you’ll have to swipe out and restart it in maybe ten minutes. :slight_smile: Thank you again for notifying me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Chapter 6 is out now!!! :slight_smile:

i’m so happy to read the next chapter! but when the Caatelan and Erasmus come in to scene, ther’s a bug. i can’t see thezr icons. it’s just white. Hoffe das ist einfach zu beheben :wink:

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oh that’s so weird! i’m sorry! the characters take a while to render when they’re newly made, but for me they showed already. you should have seen them :worried: @Manto any ideas why it shows on my TC and on my app but not for my readers? :pleading_face:

sorry. false alarm. seems like i just needet to update the app…

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:sweat_smile: It definitely triggered the new characters to load hehe… But they should’ve shown anyway.

How was the maze for you, btw? :speak_no_evil:

well… took 12 tries :sweat_smile:

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Believe it or not, but that’s actually really good! :relieved:

Chapter 7 out now!!!


Chapter 8 out now!!!

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Cool! Just the thing to unwind to before I turn in for the night. And of course, I picked Hank to carry me.

Hehe… I wonder what the Hank/William ratio is for getting carried lol… Do you remember the results page after you finished the chapter? Idk if enough people read already to show the percentage.

It was 89 percent for hank when i read it :slight_smile:

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Oooo? :joy: Nice! And interesting. I kinda remember that the majority chose to sit beside William in episode 2. They either changed their affections or didn’t trust Willy to carry them without dropping them :laughing:

Chapter 9 out now!!!

Sorry, i’m not able to recall. As long as it’s Hank, no one else matters!

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Hahahahahhah… no problem, someone replied already with the current percentage lol… and ahhh, adore the love for Hank :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It means I’m doing something right with that character