Elite Five (ekpeters)

i will definitely check them out (note:that is the cutest smile i seen in a while)

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I got stuck at chapter 2 where Ava ask Leah to ask question in the hallway. The footsteps keep repeating and the story didn’t proceed

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Do you know which question you asked? I’ll check on my end to see what may have happened.

Thanks, I did not get to ask any questions yet, it was just endless footsteps in the hallway. The story never proceed

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That is odd. I just tried it on the app on my end and got the same issue. It’s supposed to stop. I’ll report it to the staff since that’s not supposed to happen. Found a few other sounds that didn’t turn off either.

Thanks again for letting me know. Hopefully it will get fixed soon!

Update: I figured out what happened. It has to do with certain sounds abd coding not working together like they did before. I just tested that episode on my app and it now plays.

It’s fixed now, thanks!

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Where is the next episode? I miss my Elites…

For those who’ve been patiently waiting, and sorry for the long wait, but ep 24 is finally up!

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Can’t wait for a VERY steamy finale! :face_with_peeking_eye:

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That might have to be a gem choice if I go steamy :joy:

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Also, I’ve updated to episode 28! I wonder how many can pass the final battle in one try!

Of course!! No need to apologize for it. I’m ready, let’s gooooooo! :laughing: :raised_hands:t3:

i want Liam to talk to her but it cost Gen

There will be some questions that can be free if you have enough brave points. If you don’t have enough, then they will be sometimes locked with gems, but you don’t really need to read it to continue story.

Thanks for reading!

So far so good,

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Glad you’re enjoying this one too!

I can’t read past chapter 10. It freezes at the end then i have to redo the whole chapter

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Do you know where you got stuck? I just replayed on the app on my end and I had no issues. Maybe it’s a certain route you chose.

Really like how its going so far! Pretty cool

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Im glad you’re enjoying it so far, and thanks for checking it out!