Midnight Spirits (ivorytowercommissions)

Welcome to Midnight. You’re the only human working at this supernatural bar, which makes you a target for some and alluring to others. Hook up or fall in love, discover your magic, and keep serving drinks until last call.

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/F04iuMgE1kb

Love this book so much! Can’t wait for more chapters. :blush:

I would love more episodes!

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a great read, well written and super interesting!!

is this not being updated anymore?

Is there more episodes??

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I really like the story so far. Will there be more then 3 chapters because the rest are locked for me?

I was able to get to chapter 6 and I really love this story so far. My only question is why does not givin Higgin another drink affect my Job? I was Just trying to keep him alive and it seemed like they had alot of drinks already. Also when I had to make him a drink later in the episode it said something about alcohol only working temporary distraction which is true but how does this affect my job when I had no choice but to make a drink? I may have missed something but I thought I’d ask. I really hope this is continued!

Does my progress get saved if this continues? I haven’t replayed it yet but it’s not under reading anymore. Is it cause it’s finished for now?

Just finished chapter six and lobing the world building and characters so far. Wish i hadnt spent diamonds in that last episodd but oh well

not bad at all


I just started it and so far the story telling is great!

Not sure I get a feel for who the protagonist is, but maybe that is the point of CYOA? I get a clear picture of the other characters, and they make me want to keep reading.

When will we see more Charpters???

Really onteresting s

Wonderful atory

it’s interesting

Why did it say she at the end instead of they???

quite a curious story, seems interesting