Newbie Choice help

Can someone please help? not really a coder here. I would like my readers to have a choice of making their characters look more like themselves so I want them to be able to change their skin tone and hair color but I am struggling with the coding part of it

Hey there :smiley:

First, the readers can’t really choose them themselves- I mean they can’t just change the skin color without you having prepared the character looks.

You’re going to have to create character looks (characters with different skin colors and hairstyles, or first a set of character with different skin colors, and then those characters again with different hairstyles… it could be a lot of characters you’d have to create) and change them within a choice

I have made these ready-to-copy-code-snippets where you can see und “Change of looks” the basic structure of such choices

also if it helps: here is a tutorial how to change character looks Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

If you still have more question :smiley: I’m happy to help :slight_smile:

I recommend to only make like 4 characters, with different skin tones and each having a different hairstyle, maybe even clothing. it’s not optimal, but gives the reader some choices :slight_smile:

Hi I tried the character look change snippet and it didn’t change my character to the new look at all

hey :slight_smile:
Okay did you change the ACTOR and look name in the script according to the ACTOR and look you created?

for example:

[set: ACTOR.look.current ACTOR.look.maleb]

with this actor would be:

[set: MARINA.look.current MARINA.look.formala]


I did change it but it is still not working

hmm you can share your story with me if you like… I can only read it, but I can then see what might be going wrong :slight_smile:

When you’re on the chapter mask, you can see three dots beside the update/publish button.

There you find the “share privately” and can type in my name, amanda darkwood. I should pop up and clicking on my name you’d share the episode for me and I can have a look at your code :slight_smile:

Though I’d also need to know your author name and the story name, cause I already have quite a list of shared stories :smiley:

(You can, of course, write me a direct message if you’d rather like to hold the further conversation privately :slight_smile: )