Saving Lincoln (alexshelby)

Time travel will become a reality, and Maxine’s first mission sets out to repair racial division by preventing John Wilkes Booth from assassinating President Lincoln.

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I just played episode one and really enjoyed it! There’s a cool story hook, the use of the VFX and SFX makes it super immersive and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story will take me! I was surprised to find I didn’t kill a person when I shot them (though who knows if that’s a choice for all players) but that suggests things are going to get even crazier in the future. Great work Alex, this is a really cool story!

Completely addicting and mesmerizing universe.

Thank you so much, @jessuxr ! There’s a sequel, Saving Alexandria, if you’d like to see Maxine take on Ancient Rome :grin:

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Book Club selection! :smiley: One of my fav stories on Tales!!

First question: are you reading both Saving Alexandria AND Saving Lincoln, or just one and why?

Second question: what do you think about the time travel tech in this story?

Ah! Just read the first chapter of this story because I’d started Saving Alexandria & realized it was the sequel :joy: I love the story so far, its intriguing. My heart actually sank at the end of the chapter, what a twist :flushed:

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I’ve just read the first story and it was already fascinating, I keep thinking on what that one decision could affect the rest of the history… the story was great; it had a bit of a mystery into it, on why they wanted to save Lincoln, not knowing if that decision could change something worse than they already are…It is kind of similar to the TV show " Timeless " which I love and then the part where the characters never came back to the future which was peak mystery, the story lures you in to keep reading and reading until you find all the clue as to why.

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What does it mean that the story is free ? Does it mean it won’t cost diamond ?

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I’m loving this! So many little details to pay attention to, and I was on the edge of my… bed, actually, all the time throughout the first chapters! So well done. And I love time travel plots.

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Usually it costs one key to read each chapter after the first, for book club stories they do not require keys to read for that week. There will still be gem choices that can be purchased.

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Just finished reading. Wow, what a great story!

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:pray: :heart:


I haven’t seen Timeless! Sounds like I need to check it out. Did you make any decisions that really changed things?!

Heart sinking in the first chapter?? That’s how you KNOW it’s gonna be good, haha.

Congrats on posting our winning comment for Book Club! Your thoughtful exploration of this title was so great to read. You pointed out specific elements that you enjoyed, which is always helpful for both readers and authors! Thank you :gem:

Amazing story I just read the first episode and I am already hooked

just started and it is super interesting!

Just wanted to drop in and say this was the first story I read on the Tales app and it was GRIPPING. I could not put my phone down until it was done!

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I love to hear that :pray: Makes it all worth it! :smiling_face:

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