Saving Lincoln (alexshelby)

Super tense and interesting


Loving the story so far. I habe no clue if I’ll be anle to pull this mission off. Enjoying learning more history about this event

The twists and turns of the plot really have me keyed up. Conspiracy after conspiracy…I have no clue if I’ll be able to pull this mission off



This story is great!

i really like the Butterfly Ripples idea.

Chapter 9 currently has a minor bug. If you choose to say coming home from the play, it gives you the beginning of that choice before abruptly switching to the other choice.

Thank you for catching that. Coding error on my part. Should be good now. :smiling_face:

Wow that was very fast! Thank you!


Only a few chapters in but well-written and engaging. Looking forward to story!

S and N