Saving Lincoln (alexshelby)



Super excited!



So much anxiety

Im in love with this story! I love how you combine fiction with historical figures, really brings them to life!

Thank you!! :heart: I kept the “combining fiction with history” theme going if your cravings are not fully satisfied after you finish. “Saving Alexandria” (sequel) and “The Exorcism of Jolly Jane” are both based on historical figures. :grin:

I love learning things about history that i didnt know! Ive learned more about history in this story than i did in school

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like everyone i really like the historical aspect ! and it’s very well written, i can’t wait to finish it

So far really great!


You are my fire

And you are my gasoline. I’ll do my best to keep burning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tbh this is a ridiculously fine work…

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genuine question for the author (I’m not trying to criticize the book and its plot): why write about preventing Lincoln’s assassination? I mean, yes, it would take a while, but at least by that point slavery was abolished and African Americans were free, even if it’d take a century to actually pass civil rights laws and be considered equal under the law. Not bashing the story, by the way.

A great question, and one that I pondered myself. Approaching this from a storyteller’s perspective, the premise of preventing an assassination, along with the intricacies of the conspiracy itself, made for an amazing drama. But from a historical perspective, it was less about “allowing Lincoln to follow through with abolition” and more about the aftermath and “implementing civil rights”. Apparently, Lincoln’s VP, Andrew Johnson, was a disaster in this regard. Though it’s not expressed in much detail, the idea in the story was that, if Lincoln were to survive to oversee the reconstruction effort, implementing civil rights for the newly freed slaves would have gone much better. Like, for example, what if Lincoln was able to stifle the formation of the KKK (probably not, but that’s the idea). I hope this helps :grin:

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Oh, it really does. That turned out better than I had thought (I genuinely thought it was modern politics influencing you. Sorry about that). Here’s to more stories in the future!

Also, I didn’t even know that his assassination was involved in a conspiracy. I thought John Wilkes Booth was the mastermind because he was a racist who hated the Confederate loss of the Civil War and the freeing of slaves