The Newest Hero (samanthalienhard)

Lucius rules the Empire with an iron fist, until his treacherous second-in-command usurps the throne. Forced to flee, he’s rescued by a group of heroes on their way to overthrow him. As the newest hero in the group, Lucius sets out on a journey to gain power and reclaim his throne… without letting his new allies learn who he really is.

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Really enjoying the characters, and hope to see more of the story!


Is this still being worked on?


Yes, I’m back and working on this story again! :smiley:


What kind of ruling style are y’all trying for? Peaceful, aggressive, compassionate, cold…?

I’d like to do peaceful and compassionate but I’m worried I might get into a tough spot and wind up punished for trying to be too nice LOL

any reason why chapter 6 wont work?

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actually i cant play any story?

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Having problems playing chapter 6

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still wont work for me either

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@corrupt @kingazrael Sorry you are having these issues, will notify staff to hopefully get it fixed soon.

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@MHSkabelund thanks for that

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Oh no! We’ll look into this ASAP. Thanks for reporting it!

Tossing you @kingazrael & @corrupt some extra gems & keys for reporting this issue :slight_smile:

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Thank you

Chapter 9 has the same issue

Chapter 9 doesn’t work

Chapter 9 does work

Chapter 9 is not working

Ty for letting us know! We’ll look into this for you. Is it just crashing when you try and play or something else?