The Newest Hero (samanthalienhard)

I load the chapter up and nothing appears

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Still busted

We’ve got a ticket filed and our devs are on it! Thanks for your vigilance.

Any progress?

loved it!

loved it!

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In chapter 9, I see a snippet of code-like nonsense: (decide: SECRETS none -hide)

i cant open chapter 9

Wait who’s Cornelius and why is he dead?

When i reached chapter 20 it skipped something inbetween 19 and 20. First i was in the forest with my group, then in the throne room captured and talking to xander

Hmm… I can’t see anything in the script that would cause it to jump to the wrong branch, but it sounds like it did somehow…

I really liked chapter three, it was interesting. I have a soft spot for Mar!

very nice story. i am really enjoying it

nice story

wtf??? are you really serious?? 50 word in a whole f**king chapter? i am just speechless.

That sounds like an error. What chapter was it?

sorry looks like it was somekind of error. it was chapter 19 . after reply it was fixed.

Chapter 3 was interesting, new characters although the injury seems to be too long

Love it

Great quality content. keep up the good work