The Newest Hero (samanthalienhard)

Loving thiss

I love the personality and consistent storybuilding

love this book

I’ve really enjoyed this story thus far! Though I seem to find a major continuity problem. No matter the choices made in chapter 19. Chapter 20 always starts the same with him imprisoned, is this supposed to happen or is it some glitch? Anyway still enjoyed it none the less.

So fun!

Have to read more!

waiting for next update.

Loved the options to play as the other characters! So sad it’s so expensive tho :confused:

still loooving the story

Great story so far! I will definitely keep reading!

Great story

pretty good story so far I’ll keep reading



What a great story!

High quality and with clear attention paid to the choices and stats!

GOOD STORY! I like the theme and the setting.

this story has been really interesting and I really like the fact that before being overthrown mc was kind of a tyrant

No keys :disappointed_relieved:

How do you tet more keys? Im new